One of the legs of your jouney could not be booked?

  • 9 June 2022
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Please help! I am trying to book seat reservations with my eurail pass for a one way train ride from Paris Gare de Lyon to Nice Ville on June 28. The website says there are available seats for a 11:52 departure and a 18:37 arrival, with one change between the two trains.

This works out until the final “review order” stage where it tells me “one of the legs of your journey could not be booked”. It does don’t tell me which one and the same error occurs when i try later times.

What does this mean? Why would they allow me to go through with the seat reservation if one of the legs cant be booked? What can i do about this?


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Only book 1dt leg, TGV till Marseille-from there onward its a local TER train that like all TER anywhere in FRance canNOT be REServed at all.

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This should be bookable though and in this case apparently for the price of just one reservation, (but Eurail still shows it as 2, of course for the price of 2). You can also book via SNCF by phone. Press #85 for English, no booking fee, reservations are sent via e-mail.

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You should be able to book by phone at SNCF. No need of Pass Cover Number.

 Press #85 for English, no booking fees, reservations are sent via e-mail