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Hi there, I’m looking to book a one month interrail pass and am wondering if my journey from Scotland (my home country) to London and then onto the Eurostar to France would count as one outbound ticket and be included with the pass or if I would have to pay for a separate ticket to get from Scotland to London first ?  


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Can do-unbelievable indeed for those knowing the sky-high Brit prices. BUT you have to do it in 1 day-back also. You could even start from INverness-to get even mor worth out of it. ANd you do not have to lve by €*-could also use Gatwick or Stansted on a cheapo flite.

In fact with this current 50% OFF a 1 month pass (junior) is probably even cheaper as a full price return Edi-Lon-hence there are quite a few reports from UK that conductors will also want to see that you have indeed done that foreign trip-and not misusing it to cut the sky=-high prices (there is not even a restriction like >9.00 or so!

As till now the newcomer LuMo seems unable to accept passes-though they should accept them as general rule.

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If you manage to go from your home town to London and onto the Eurostar within the same day it should count as one outbound journey. 

I somewhere read that the Interrail day is using CET so you might need to check that if the Eurostar would leave after 23.00 GMT.