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I want to start my trip from Istanbul which is not in my country of residence, and after 7 days of travel I get to France, can I use inbound day to get to my country (Italy) if it means: depart in the afternoon from France, get in an italian city in the same evening and there take a night train to my final destination?

Does it matter I don’t activate my pass in Italy?


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There is absolutely no  problem with your plans. The In/Out days would be better called Country of Residence (COR) days.

These COR days are simply that up to any 2 days of your pass you can use your pass in your own country. These are intended to support your use of your pass, and for most this would be the ability to use it to leave and return from your journey, but you could equally use it to get to a port or airport, with the option to use later in the day in other countries.

There is no limit on how many trains you can board scheduled to depart from 0000 to 2359 on a travel day nor how many countries you traverse.

Note that the app will detect any travel in your COR, even if you do not disembark the train and will need one of your COR days. An example would be an Austrian travelling from Verona to Munich via the Brenner pass - the train passes through Austria.


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It doesn't matter where you are when you activate your pass and you can travel on a maximum of two travel days in your country of residence. These travel days can be at any time during the validity of the pass.