Paper seat reservations haven't arrived for journey legs in Italy

Hi all,

My Trip includes legs that pass through Italy. The only reservation options for these parts of the journey were paper tickets. They have been sent but never received and I don’t expect them to arrive before we leave. I have contacted Eurail customer service and they tell me that the only option is to cancel the reservations, apply for a refund, and book the reservations via another site. The problem is that, when I look on other sites, either seat reservations are no long available or they are prohibitively expensive.

I’ve read on Trenitalia that if a seat is reserved via a travel agency, a booking confirmation code (PNR) will be issued, which can be shown on the train to prove the seat reservation. Although I haven’t received the paper ticket, I do have a PNR number. Does anyone have any experience of a similar issue with paper tickets for routes through Italy, and know whether the PNR is sufficient without the paper ticket?

Thanks in advance!

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I don't have an answer to your question but reservations for Italian day trains can be made at . Select normal tickets (not seat only) and add Eurail/Interrail as discount. The cost is 3 EUR for IC trains and 10 EUR for Frecca.

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Hi normaly Trenitalia Staff only check the PNR Code.


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Which trains have you booked paper reservations for? Route, date, departure time.

I'm facing a predicament with my upcoming trip that involves travel through Italy. Unfortunately, the only reservation options available for these specific parts of my journey were paper tickets. I recently realized that I haven't received them yet, and with our departure date approaching, it seems unlikely they will arrive in time. I reached out to Eurail customer service, and they informed me that the only solution is to cancel the reservations, request a refund, and book the reservations through another website. The problem is, when I search on other platforms, either the seat reservations are no longer available or they come at exorbitant prices.