Paper ticket delivery is after I leave for my trip and there is no e-ticket option

Around a week ago I reserved a night train from Budapest to Rijeka on the 8th of July but didn't realise that the tickets don't get delivered until the 6th of July. By then I will already be travelling so won't be able to use the tickets. What should I do as the eurail booking train website didn't let me get an e-ticket for this train and the customer support haven’t responded to me.

Any advice on what to do would be appreciated :)



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It's not very wise to book reservations and have them delivered via the post when you know you won't be able to receive them. That's money lost since you'll have to book them again.

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If its just a seat-then its also a lot cheaper to do it locally (think out of the box-seems to be an enormous task nowadays=on arrival, find special counter in Bp for INTErn and have them do it).