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  • 21 March 2022
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Hey Interrail Community! :)
In case the paper ticket for my seat reservation arrives too late at my home country address, is there any possibility to let it scan by somebodyelse and print it out later one when I’m already on my travel?
Thanks a lot!!


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No-like ALL INTern train tickets-or in fact old style any train ticket, this is on special paper and printing-to avoid that 1234 peoples use the same ticket. You really must have the original as the real ticket-as it has always been. This is resolved now by the new style mobile passes as app.

Again: on the continent of EUR most railways can still sell you also the paper pass right at the spot in their INTern. ticket outlets

Seeing du bist DEutsch: also bloss zu einer groessere DB-resiezentrum and du hats sofort-bis 31/3 auch mit Rabatt! Kannste gleich auch noch falls erwunscht viele REServ machen!

Thank you sooo much!!! :)


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If you say which exact trains you're trying to book (origin, destination, date, departure time), then people can suggest alternative ways of booking. If you're trying to book a TGV to Barcelona (only available on paper), then indeed you can do that via DB (ticket office or by phone).