Paper ticket in USA, traveler in Spain. Can reservation be changed for a mobile one?

  • 21 May 2022
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My daughter’s ticket/reservation came to USA after she left for her trip.  She is now in Spain.  Is there a way to change her paper ticket into a mobile one?  Or reissue the paper one in Spain? Or do I have to mail it to her in Spain.  Any information would be appreciated!


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You need to contacted Customer Support and request immediate help. You must clearly state that your daughter is currently travelling. You can reach Customer Support through this form.

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For WHAT date/train/country? In most cases mailing it as PDF to her will be the best and quickest solution. AND point her to the page with all instructions on how to do these pesky REServ withou this need to send out etc. 

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Is it her Eurail paper pass that is in the US or is it a paper reservation for seats, or both?