Paris - Hamburgl Prices temporarily unavailable - Check back in a few hours to see prices and book this seat reservation.



I’m trying to book tickets from Paris to Hamburg (date 220804) but this message keeps coming up?? 

This has been an issue since several days back. Anyone able to help me? :)

I’ve tried to book by other websites but can’t find anyone that workes for the whole trip (both france and germany)… 





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Which route exactly? as there is no direct train otherwise we can just guess where the problem is.

I’m looking at any route right now. Would just need to get to Hamburg 4/8 or 5/8 but all routes seem to show this message! 

Is there a problem with the website at the moment? What are we advised to do if it says information on this train currently not available?

I have no idea… I have had this problem for several days now :( 

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For the trains in Germany you don’t need a reservation, it is only optional. You can book for trains with optional reservation via and the seat only option. 


For the trains Paris-Germany you can book at the call center of SNCF for the TGV/ICE Paris Est-Frankfurt and also for the Thalys Paris Nord-Brussel-Cologne. For Thalys you can book also online via B-Europe. There you need a Paper Pass Cover Number. If you have a mobile pass request it via Social Media Accounts via DM. 

Do you know if it’s possible to use the interrail code on those websites? Like on ? :) 

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Do you know if it’s possible to use the interrail code on those websites? Like on ? :) 

on you just select Seat Only no need to mention your Interrailpass :) Here a General Overview