Paris-Warsaw/Berlin train sold out - options?

Paris-Warsaw on August 5 is the last stop on my journey, but all of the routes have a problem within them. Most routes from Paris on the morning of August 5 have sold out, which is a problem, since I have a bus from Warsaw already booked. I would be most grateful for at least  a magical train suggestion from Paris to Berlin. 


Thank you in advance!



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Wich trains do you take? There are more options to get from Paris to Berlin. 

Best thing is to get to the border to Germany, Belgium or Switzerland. From there all trains do not need a reservation to Berlin (except Thalys Paris-Brussel-Cologne). 

Like using TGV to Lille, Strasbourg or Mulhouse (if you can still get seats check here: Pass fare Thalys and Eurostar | SNCB International ( 

From there you have regional trains to cross the border. 

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TO B from P best way is either Strasbourg-then locals via Lauterbourg/Wissembourg toward Karlsruhe-or bridge shuttle to Offenburg-ICE IN DE are with only optional RES-and also always late on arr.

DO note that it also takes some time to reach the ZOB in B from the main HBF station-plus that many ICE do not even now serve HBF due to works-DO plan carefully-often better to detrain Spandau+ S bahn.

ALT: to LUXembourg-but currently SEV-bus to Trier=takes a lot longer.

Next best: TGV to LIlle-walk to other station, NMBS=B-rail train via southern axis-Doornik-Mons-Charleroi-Liége/LUik-to Welkenraedt-shuttle to Aachen-and again DE DB ICE or from Köln.

With a very early start from P-say 6-7.00, this should be very much doable.
use planner of, not app, and split up in segments. ONLY TGV MUST be REServed-do that easiest on a SNCF machine-line to LIlle is not superbusy with passes.