Pass cover number for mobile pass

  • 12 April 2022
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I am looking for my pass cover number to make a seat reservation. I booked my interrail ticket yesterday and I found out that you need to make a seat reservation for the eurostar either on the interrail/eurorail website (apparently currently not working) or with b-europe. b-europe requires my pass cover number which I do not have (mobile pass). I wrote an email and initiated the chat support bot to get my pass cover number but to no avail so far (1 work day).

Is there a telephone support? I need my pass cover number urgently to complete my booking, I am afraid seats will be taken if this takes much longer.

3 replies

I have exactly the same problem. I already contacted the support and I’m a bit worried that their response won’t be there in time. 

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The Interrail reservation module seems to be working normally at the moment. In any case, I see reservation prices and requests take a normal amount of time.

They seem to have too much work, I am already waiting almost 2 weeks for this number.