"Plan My Trip" on the website not working

  • 31 August 2021
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I’m looking to plan a customised trip through Europe. I’ve tried to use the “Plan my Trip” option on the website but it gets to a certain point and it doesnt work. It will give me the option to put my start location and dates but when it wants me to choose a country it will stop loading and go blank. 

Ive tried on my iPhone, tablet and laptop and they’re all the same. I know there are other apps you can use but I want updates train routes and what not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i’m still learning the Interrailling world!


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5 replies

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Usually you can use the Railplanner app and the planning tool on the website to see which pass fits best for you :)

I use mostly other apps (Scotty,DB Navigator) for planning as some Trains are missing or have a incorrect timetable in the Railplanner of Eurail

Interrail is mostly for Europeans :) even Russian,Serbian and Turkish Citizen can use Interrail.
Eurail is for all other travelers :) from arround the world :)


The app doesn’t show a price but it does give you a view of what route you’ll be taking. I managed to use the “EURail” website “plan my trip” option. Though - if I’m correct - EURail is for anyone not resident in EU. So if you’re an EU resident you use “Interrail”. 
You’ll find the prices on a separate section on the website, they show the packages and all. 

Hello, I have the same problem… 
Do you can see the price of you plan trip on the app ?


I’ll try that out! Thank you so much!☺️☺️

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did you try the Interrail App available on the AppStore? With that you may plan your trips quite well. Just keep in mind that timetables changes in mid of December → for 2022 they are not yet available, but most of the routes should stay the same and some areas might even have an increase in trains (Balkan) if Corona stuff gets better in 2022.