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I have a continuous 1 month pass and I was having issues with booking tickets on the website. (I dont know if this is to do with buying on, so while I can get the pass on my phone when redirected to eurail to buy tickets its not the same account so it says there is no pass under orders). 

Anyway I have booked a few trains already on my laptop instead and clicked the option on an interrail pass on both Eurostar, OBB and TGV. I have printed out these tickets but they are not on my app pass. Is this going to be a problem if I show the print out and then my pass but the ticket not being on the pass? 

I do not have a problem with trips that do not require a reservation as these can simply be added to the trip in the app. 

Have I made a mistake and it is possible to link a ticket from to eurail website when reserving tickets. (i dont mind paying the 2 euro extra if I had peace of mind that it is on my pass). 



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I can add my eurostar train to the ticket but as I did it through the eurostar website, although it is on my pass it says seat reservation require. 

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Seat reservations are totally separate from the pass and they won't appear on the app, even those made on don't.

Simply show both the PDF/print and the app whenever asked :)