probelm with reservetion seat TGV

  • 5 August 2022
  • 4 replies

I paid and reserved a seat for the trneo tgv on Sunday 21/8 from paris to milan. when I go to load the ticket on my trip I get an error screen and to contact the assistance

I noticed that in the train ticket there was a typo in the surname, could this be the cause of the problem?


4 replies

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There is no connection between reservations and the app.

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Can you see the reservation in your Interrail account? Have you got an email with the reservation?

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@Angelo Wasn't there some thing special with the Paris - Milan TGV? Or am I confusing this train with another train from France to Italy?

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No nothing special, you need a reservation. 

Frecciarossa on this route is not (yet) in Pass Network in France.