Problem with connection in Hamburg

  • 3 August 2023
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Hello there!

First time using interrail… I plan to go from Paris to Lund in Sweden on August 17th. When I try to pay for my seat reservations it says that the connection cannot be booked right now. So I tried yesterday and now today again. It seems like there is a problem of connection around Hamburg.

I checked DB website and there it says that the Manheim Hbf - Hamburg Hbf trip is cancelled. However there is an arrow and then it says Hamburg-Altona. Does anybody know if that means that the train will still go to Hamburg but stop at Altona station instead of Hbf?

In this case I would be up for any tip regarding the quickest way to go from Altona to Hbf ^^

Thank’s a lot in advance!



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10 replies

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Where are you trying to book reservations?

Which exact trains are you looking at the make seat reservations?

Can you provide a snippet from the Mannheim - Hamburg stretch?

Hi Brendan! Thank’s for your reply!

At first I was trying through interrail’s website, but then I went onto DB’s. I am checking the 16:32 train from Manheim Hbf to Hamburg Hbf.

Now I even checked until Hamburg-Altona but it seems like I can’t make a reservation either, so probably the whole trip is indeed cancelled?

Hmm, now it strange because I just tried again on DB (I mean bahn) website and now I can actually make a reservation. I am a bit sceptical though, hope it won’t be cancelled...

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I don’t see anything other than usual, on DB everything seems normal for the ICE 267, leaving Mannheim at 16:32. Just don’t rely on the Rail planner app, it’s not reliable as it doesn’t get a lot of updates.

Book your seat reservatoin via for this stretch, or to be slighlty cheaper (use seat reservation only).

In doubt ALWAYS trust the information of the railway company you’ll be using (here = DB), never the rail planner app.

Great, thank you a lot for your help!! Good tip with ;-)

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No problem, enjoy your trip.

And even if it should be diverted to Hamburg Altona, Hbf a +/- 10 min ride away with the very frequent S-Bahn.

Hej, sorry again but now even without booking the train between Manheim and Hamburg it seems impossible. I am not using eurail’s app but the website. Any idea on what’s wrong?


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Seats are sold out on the Hamburg - Lund night train. You'll have to buy a couchette for 830 SEK (70€) on

You could get a couchette for 499 SEK (42€)on the other night train to Malmö : 23:57 - 07:35. I'd recommend doing that since you have a better margin in Hamburg for delays. Buy on

Then buy a regular ticket Malmö - Lund.

If you'd like to book Mannheim - Hamburg (optional), it's best to use ÖBB : 3€ per train.

Thank you. Yes that was issue. Have a nice day! Madou

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Seats are sold out on the Hamburg - Lund night train. You'll have to buy a couchette for 830 SEK (70€) on


@thibcabe for 830 SEK you get a sleeper, not a couchette, at the SJ Euronight.