Problems with booking Brussels - Bari, Bari - Brussels

I try to reservate seat for our traject Brussels - Bari en Bari-Brussels but the reservationtool doesn’t work.

  • or the traintimes don’t load 
  • or it says prices aren’t currently available 

I tried it with two computers and my smartphone, but it never works.


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If you give your travel detail: departure date, time and route, here you will get advice on other ways to make your reservation.

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Het zal toch zeker vanzelf spreken dat hier heel wat overgestapt zal dienen te worden. Hangt dan helemaal af van welke route je kiest (basic: via DE+CH or via FR), this will influence the extra to pay an awful lot. PLUS-as has been told here daily a few dozen times; the FRecce treni In IT canNOT be reserved via app-best way is via, an separate for every treni.