QR Codes and Tickets on the Eurail App

  • 16 May 2024
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Hi all, I’ve listed my journey from London to Paris on ‘my Trip’.

However I booked the seat reservation via RailEurope and not via Eurail app.  I have received my Eurostar email, completed the API and printed my tickets so they know I am booked on and all is good on that front.  Are there implications for when I go to board..?  

When I trigger the Pass next Sunday will it all make sense….?  I just don’t understand how the ticket QR codes will appear on the app… I have to do something manually.  All my train times and routes are listed in ‘My Trip’.

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Oh thank you @ralderton .  Great stuff.

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Yes, you can add trains to your trip as you go along. 

If there’s two or three trains you might get, add them all, then just activate the one you decide to take. 

Thank you @Schelte 

Also, do I have to have all my journeys planned out and in ‘My Trip’ on the app?

Can I just do 1-2 planned routes and then decide the day before where/if I would like to travel next? Put them on ‘My Trip’ then? So long as I am keeping to the travel days on the ticket obviously.

Thanks again:)


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You will need both: your Eurostar reservation and your active pass. Follow the instructions to activate your pass and add the Eurostar journeys to it.