Rail pass seat reservations - Lausanne to Paris

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I have been looking at reserving seats on this route via either the Eurail or Rail Europe website.

Seats can be booked on Eurail using my Eurail global pass, but on Rail Europe it says that the rail pass is not valid, for the same trip/date/time.

Any reason why the Eurail global pass would not be recognised by Rail Europe for this journey - it was for some time previously? 



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Weird. What's the travel date?

Have you activated the pass in advance by mistake?

25 July but I have checked other dates and the same problem on Rail Europe - only for this route.

Have not yet activated our rail passes, thanks


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I have no idea honestly. These kind of bugs are usually quickly solved. Check in a few days (there are still hundreds of seats left).

At first I thought it could have to do with trains unavailable on 26th July* but doesn't look like it then…

*There will be extra security measures for the Olympics opening ceremony and some train stations might be fully closed, etc.