rail strike eurostar reservation change

  • 6 August 2022
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have x3 eurostar reservations for 13/08/22 attempted to change dates due to rail strike on the 13/08/22 but the eurostar portal requests £45 fee. thought that one free change of date was allowed, have eurostar changed the rules.   

3 replies

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The even more bad news is that -judging reports from here- all passholder quota seats are taken all the days around that 13/8



That £15 admin fee is a bit steep, bad pr for eurostar considering they are advertising unlimited and free ticket exchange for regular ticket holders - interrail pass holder being fleeced maybe?

How technically difficult is it to add an extra carriage?


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Eurostar are operating most of their services on strike days. Refer to their website for more details. If they cancel your train they will transfer you free of charge or give a full refund. It is technically impossible to add an extra carriage to a Eurostar train. I won’t bore you with the details.