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  • 14 March 2023
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I received an email from SNCF regarding a cancelled train (France strikes) but not on Eurail or on SNCF Connect site can I look up my ticket information (I tried ‘import’ but that failed). I can’t get in touch with anyone at Eurail. How do I proceed? Per the email, neither option is actionable (I did not have a eurail account when I bought tickets):


Your train 4655, on 16/03, departing from MONTPELLIER SAINT ROCH to MARSEILLE SAINT CHARLES is cancelled due to interprofessional social movement.

We offer you the following options:

  •      Exchange your ticket at no cost, keeping the same departure and arrival stations.
  •      Cancel your ticket, before departure, to get a refund.

To do this, go to SNCF Connect or to your SNCF-approved travel agency.


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Thank you @rvdborgt ! Your link worked and they were very helpful. Turns out I got another email later from SCNF telling me my train in fact was instead going to be running, so go figure :)

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If you want a refund, contact the place where you bought your reservation. If you bought it from Eurail, then contact customer service here:

If you want to exchange free of charge, call SNCF (press #85 for English) or go to an SNCF ticket office. Check timetables on to see what's running (it may still change until 17:00 before the travel day). There are are also reservation-free regional trains (TER).