Reservation, e-ticket with a paperpass?

  • 18 July 2021
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Hello Everyone, 

I have a question and maybe you can help me with it. 
I want to use the Night-Train from Wien to Brasov tomorrow, 19.07, and did not take into account, that it is smart to book those at least a week a head. 
Now, is it possible to book an e-ticket with a paperpass? If I print it I have it as paper! 

Also, I tried to book the reservation with both the App and on the website, but when I type in when and from where to where I want to travel and click of search, there is a pop-up, which tells me to fill in the numbers of traveler’s before continuing. The only thing is: I can’t find the field to do so! 

Do you guys have any ideas? 

Thank you before hand 




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You can reserve directly at 🙂 (Follow the Nighttrain reservation manual in the link below ) You have to pick your reservation from a Austrian Ticket office or Ticket machine :)


Thank you so much! :D
I will look into it! 

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@Zoé  you could visit a “DB Reisezentrum” or a Austrian Ticket office aswell and reserve there directly just show your pass and they should know how to reserve :)

I could reserve via :) even few sleepers beds are free :)

Thank you, I could get a reservation with the link you send me. 
I just have to print it in Austria and I have gut it ☺️

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This is not true. Good night train appears to be unavailable on their website directly. It can be purchased through Eurail but you have to have them mail you a paper ticket which is kind of hard when you’re on the move constantly. Your phone number is really bad. I spent over $10 in being on hold on that number. Unlike other numbers a charge to centimeters charges over $.18 a minute and it burns to your Skype credit like crazy.

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@gregohb  did you follow the manual?

Nighttrain reservations have a strange booking way on as you have to first have to click on the ticket option even if you just want to reserve and then afterwards change the settings to Eurail/Interrail reservation :)

Wien - Brasov can be reserved via but have to be picked up at a Austrian Ticket office or Ticket machine