Reservation/Fees for regional train Verona - Milano?

  • 27 May 2022
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I am planning to travel from Verona to Milano with my Interrail ticket on the 5th of July. As I want to avoid a reservation fee, I am planning to take a regional train, for which I believe no reservation is required. On the website of Trenitalia it gives a connection with Trenord 2624, departure 09:43 (see image), but I can't find this via the Interrail App. Is it possible to use this train and add it manually to the Interrail Planner App? And is it true that there is no reservation required?



Best answer by Hektor 27 May 2022, 21:20

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1 reply

No need to add it manually. You are just too early. It will be in the app soon (with the next timetable update). 

No reservation required.