Reservation for Night train (Dresden-Basel) operated by ČD

  • 3 January 2023
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Hi guys,

I would like to check the price of a reservation for the new night train operated by ČD from Prague to Zurich, for traveling from Dresden to Basel.

Although it goes under the name RailJet, it is not possible to check the tickets on the website from ÖBB, probably because it is run by ČD. On their website I could at least by the ticket, but not just the reservation. ČD customer support answered me that I can buy reservations only on the counter, which is not an option for me since I do not start in the Czech Republik.

Last but not least it is available on the reservation tool from, but there I am not able to see the final price without an interrail pass. It shows “Bed in 6-berth sleeper: from €36” (For the EN 40458 on 24 Feb). Since I am currently investigating if the purchase of a pass makes sense for me, it would be necessary to know the correct price for the reservation.

Can anyone help me out?


Best regards


10 replies

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These are the prices offered by the Interrail booking engine, when looking for 1 person. There might be cheaper ways, I don't know for this train from the top of my head.

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Hi, there are some problems for this nighttrain Euronight (CD Night - Copernicus, operated by CD and SBB).

If you want to book for rides in Germany and from Germany to CH/CZ at the moment. But also there are couchette cars missing, so maybe bookings are closed.

You can travel with the seat car, that runs as Eurocity. Seat reservation is not compulsory, but highly recommended, because only some seats cars run to Basel/Zürich after Leipzig. You can get the reservation for seats via DB, CD and others. 




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A quick read of the seat61 page shows you can only book this sleeper with a pass by phone or at the station. The IR reservation service may also be able to book but somebody else may be able to see whether your screenshot would lead to a booking or a fault when tried.

Since it is a relative new service the info is still confusing but at least this is a starting point. 

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DBahn is taking bookings for the sleepers from about 100 euro but without any option I can find for pass users.


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@Yorkie DB Bahn International Booking site (this site works like Trainline and co., puts more tickets of train companies in one purchase), can’t book Interrail Reservations. But like you can see, it provides the prices offered by ÖBB.

I tried now via ÖBB, and they sell the tickets (for the 24.02.2023), but if I select Interrail as discount there is not possible to buy it. 

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Thanks for the clarification - it explains why there is no Interrail option, compared with the standard dBahn site which has a reservation (seat) option we can use. I didn’t check the standard OBB site as I tried the Nightjet site, again drawing a blank for pass users.

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I found on other forums now the complet list of the fares of this nighttrain. Only problem it is in Hungarian.



die Aufpreise, nach denen gefragt worden ist: Liegewagen 6er 49 €, Liegewagen 4er 59 € (wenn er denn fährt), Schlafwagen t3 69 €, Schlafwagen Double oder Schlafwagen t3 mit Dusche 89 €, Schlafwagen Double mit Dusche 109 €, Schlafwagen Single 179 €, Schlafwagen Single mit Dusche 219 €.

Zum Buchen zum Schalter; das muss aber kein tschechischer Schalter sein, ein DB-Reisezentrum tut es da auch (bis Basel SBB buchen, nicht Sitzwagenzugteil auswählen (hat andere Zugnummer), Tarifcode verwenden). Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass so eine Buchung auch scheitert.

Alternative, wenn auch unbequemer und zeitlich unattraktiver, wenn man aus Dresden kommt: Bis Leipzig vorfahren, da kommt um 22.49 Uhr der tatsächliche Nightjetteil an (ab Dresden ist es ein EuroNight) - problemlos online buchbar, in vielen Kategorien auch günstiger.

Viele Grüße, Hektor.

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Have also read that the couchette/liegewagen are out of use for some 2 month to come-not ready or with defects for repair.

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Regarding the Couchette

Ceske Drahy currently didnt have Couchette they can use in Germany :/ Because of that they rented Couchette carriages from a other Company like they did in Summer (for the Routes to Kosice/Hummene and Budapest)  but these carriages are not very reliable :/
That´s why the train currently often travel just with the slepper carriage and the seating carriage. In Leipzig the train connects with the nightjet from Berlin