Reservation for nightjet Venezia-Wien

  • 18 May 2022
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Hello! Me and two friends bought the interrail pass, but today when we were trying to make the seat reservation for the OBB Nightjet NJ236 there were no seats available (June 11th at 10PM). It is still possible to reserve seats for this train? The other alternatives are not direct and the seats are also unavailable


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Seats are available:

Did you click on the "Seat only” option? That does not work for night trains. Please add the "Interrail / Eurail” discount for all passengers and then click "One-way tickets and day tickets”. Also see these steps.

Thank you so much, now we were able to make the reservation! We had the wrong train stations and we didn't selected interrail pass on discounts xD Thank you, you are our guardian angel! :)