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  • 16 June 2023
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I’d like to get from Munich to Split from 8.7. to 9.7.

There is this wonderful connection:


It uses EN1153 but as soon as I login, the sleeper options (a bed) for the reservation are not visible any more. Also, on, I cannot find any sleeper options.


Does that mean that there are no sleepers available any more? Are there any other possibilities to get a bed in a (possibly different) night train on this date?

btw. I have an interrail global ticket


Thanks for your help:)


Best, Lucky

1 reply

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You cannot see availability until you're logged in/have bought a pass. It's a shame but there are other better websites to book anyway.

This night train does not run on Saturday 8th July so did you write the correct date ? From or :

Friday 7th : seats left for 54.90€ (a bit expensive...)

Sunday 9th July : completely full.

Night trains are very popular and have limited capacity so most summer dates are already sold out. Book ASAP.

Alternatives I'd consider :

- EC München Ost - Zagreb Glavni Kol 12:27 - 20:45

- Night train Zagreb Glavni Kol - Split 22:30 - 06:56

However this night train is not bookable online, please contact

- EC München Hbf - Zürich HB 14:55 - 18:27

- EN Zürich HB - Zagreb Glavni Kol 20:40 - 10:39 couchettes and seats on 6th, seats on 9th

Or you leave Munich at 18:52 and board the night train in Feldkirch at 22:45.

- IC Zagreb Glavni Kol - Split 15:19 - 21:40 3€ seat reservation or a cheap regular ticket to save a pass day