Reservation for Tende - Cuneo trains. Where to book?

  • 10 June 2022
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Hello together,

I’d like to travel from Tende to Cuneo with  an Interrail Global Pass using the RE22956. According to the Interrail App, a seat reservation is required for this connection (though it’s a regional service?!) Is this correct and if so, where could I book a seat reservation (so far not possible via eurail or Trenitalia). 

Many thanks in advance!

cheers, Julien


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2 replies

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Most likely app is wrong again-they seem to have serious probs with ITaly last weeks with about anything.

Of course, no need to even ask, best is always to check site of the railway concerned.

IF you want a readily accessible site for nearly all with much better details and much more updates:

And I really cannot believe the fears of all these people here who seem to think that such a short local line is ´full´ weeks ahead-if still in doubt then&there-ask at counter.

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Reservation is not possible on this route. The rail planner app is wrong.