reservation Haparanda Sweden to Narvik Norway 11th July

Dear helper, 

The 11th of July we want to catch the 7.34 train from Haparanda to Narvik. But this one can book only to half May! There is no reservation to make on the planner. 

Does anyone know about this connection? Is it fully booked soon if free? We'll leave from the Netherlands at 30 June and all the other reservations for Sweden and Norway and Germany are booked. What is with this one? (Fortunately in Finland one can travel without reservations)

Have fun with travelling!



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Hi @Froukje 

This train can be booked through the SJ website: Buy tickets for trains in Sweden on

Please follow these instructions: 

1. Visit SJ's website and click on "search journey".

2. On the traveller's option, click on "Add SJ Prio/period ticket".

3. Under the options, select "Interrail" or "Eurailpass". You will need a number, which is your Pass Cover Number. If you have a mobile Pass, you can request your Pass cover number here.

4. Click on "done", and you will be able to look for the route with the Interrail/Eurail discount.

If you have questions, please let me know. 

Have a nice day!

Thank you, Camilo 

I mentioned that all the trains were reserved yet. So I called Sweden and they arranged a train from Gallivare. From Haparanda to Gallivare we take the bus. 


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From my experience earlier this year I think that you would get the local (no reservations) train from Haparanda C station to Boden. Then change onto the train that goes over to Narvik.