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  • 22 February 2024
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Hello! Next month I want to take the AVI from Marseille to Madrid. Unfortunately you cannot reserve seats in advance. I don't arrive in Marseille until the evening and the train leaves at 8 a.m. Has anyone ever taken this connection and booked a seat reservation at the train station? Can this be done at the ticket machine? I don’t know what to do and DB and renfe couldn't really help me... Thank you for your tipps :)


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2 replies

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Not possible at ticket machines or counters. SNCF and RENFE are practically at war and won't help each other.

You can get reservations on the day on the platform (10€), staff are used to it.

Check how many seats are left on (go deep in the booking process). Staff can also sell folding seats if needed.

If it didn't work for whatever reason the route is still possible using slower regional trains via Portbou so you've always got a plan B in case. There are always free seats on the Barcelona - Madrid AVEs. :)

EDIT : if the Barcelona - Madrid leg of the Marseille - Madrid AVI is full (it happens as midday connections aren't frequent), get a reservation from staff as far as Barcelona and then take any AVE.

Thank you so much!!