Reservation not possible (avignon-Barcelona-paris)

I bought global mobile pass.

And I know ‘avignon-Barcelona’ and ‘Barcelona-Paris’ need seat reservation, but the seat reservation tickets only deliver by post and I can’t receive the tickets.

So i wondered if I go to the station to book those sections in person in mid-August, will there be enough seats? (Both ‘Avignon-Barcelona’ and ‘Barcelona-Paris’)


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NO-these direct trains have very small quota for passholders and as it seems each&anyone + his granny wants to use exactly those-they get all taken early in main hi-season. There are of course various other ways to avoid it all-use local trains-as all those young Japanese with their printed guidebooks know-but this knowledge seems to have gone down the drain since its all on www. I see its not konnichi-wah for you, so forgive in not knowing the terms- like arirang sa maseuh?.

IF you insist on taking it that way- CALL SNCF /en/ and let them arrange it.

OR set app to trains without REServ-there are hourly local FRench TER trains from Av along coast-toward Narbonne-maybe change-or not-to Port BOu=1st stop over border in ESpana-then change to broad gauge RENFE rodalies train along coast to Bcn.

FROM Bcn to P-the cheap way is to use the overnite train from again just over border-other way= Cerbëre to Paris, and again this is reached by same rodalies local train. Saves night in hostel too. THese nighttrains have seats and couchette=lie down bunks (21,50 extra to pay-the direct TGV daytime cost some 35€ extra)

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You can call SNCF and make the reservation if you have an AmEx credit card. No need of Pass Cover Number.

 Press #85 for English, no booking fees, reservations are sent via e-mail