Reservation on High Speed Train From Paris to France

  • 12 March 2022
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I have found the cost of a reservation between London and Paris (30 Euros) but I do not see one for Paris to London. We will only need a one way ticket to London. Where can I see this information before I purchase a Eurail Pass? Thanks!


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2 replies

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You can check availability of domestic TGVs in France here and of Eurostar here.

Sadly, to check availability on the Eurail website, you need a pass first.

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Check simply what a normal single would cost-fairly often IF booked advance it is even lower or not much more as 1 passday/cost + again this 30€.

WAY cheaper are the buses, (flix or blabla), often just around 20€. They mostly use the ferry and thus are much slower.

And again: if this return Lon-Par is the only trip you intend to make, then do not buy a pass. Also: if you are US/CA and think to have to go back to LON to catch plane=-ask about open jaw airfares=dep. from other airport as Arr, often same price.