Reservation payment issue - When completing the "traveller details'' the "review your order" button isn't working to take me to the next session.

I'm trying to pay for reservations for a trip, I have added them all to a cart, but when I complete the "traveller details the "review your order" button isn't working to take me to the next session. 

I have using a new browser and re adding them all to my basket. Any help?



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Yes-use other means, as we tell about each&every newbee here a few dozen times daily. This also saves you the 2€ extra fee. seewulf has made an extensive overview of countries and how to do it.

And IF you want more detailed advice-start with some thinking: then also provide complete details. The most common error for those from over the ocean is being waaaaaaaaaay too early.

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You can look at this guide where various ways of making reservations are described.

Most reservation are better made elsewhere than the Interrail/Eurail website. 

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It sometimes helps to book the train separately. But most reservations are indeed better booked elsewhere.