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  • 8 October 2023
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I'm planning a trip to Spain and Portugal next week. I tried to make the reservation for a train Montpellier (France) - Madrid (Spain) with the company Renfe but I saw that it's not possible on the interrail website and that I should go to a train station. And that's what I did. But there, they explained me that I can't book that train from France, since It's a spanish company and that I can only do it in a spanish train station. But how am I suppose to book the train in a spanish station if it's leaving from France ? 

Can anyone explain me how I should proceed ? Is it possible to make this reservation ?

Thank you very much 


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This train is problematic. SNCF ended the cooperation with RENFE and both companies don't make it easy. You cannot book this train from France, at least at the moment.

For months SNCF had a monopoly and charged 120€ for a 1h30 journey. They still do but at least RENFE has cheaper tickets.

Your options are :

- a ticket for the AVE International on

- 25€ reservation for the cross-border TGV to Barcelona + 10€ for the AVE to Madrid

- reservation-free regional train Montpellier - Portbou - Girona/Barcelona + 10€ AVE from either city

If you'd like precise advice mention travel date and I'll have a look.

Hi again, thank you for your quick reply ! 

If you can take a look at my trip it would be great cause I'm kinda lost... 

I'm travelling from Lyon to Lisbon the 11th and 12th october (I was planning to do Lyon-Madrid the 11th leaving at 06h40 and then Madrid-Lisbon the 12th leaving at 08h50, since it's a long way). But I'm totally fine with doing something else concerning the traject, I just have to be in Lisbon the 12th. 

I already bought a pass for 4 days, I can use 2 days to go and I need 2 to come back. 

Thank you veru much ! 

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So the first cross-border TGV arrives in Barcelona at 16:34, it's pretty late but in the end you would only arrive an hour later in Madrid. You could take it from Montpellier (25€). Updating...

Otherwise this itinerary would work :

- TGV Lyon Part-Dieu - Narbonne 06:40 - 09:44 10€*

- TER Narbonne - Perpignan 10:04 - 10:49

- TER Perpignan - Port-Bou 10:55 - 11:47

- R Portbou - Barcelona-Sants 12:35 - 15:10

- break there :)

- AVE Barcelona-Sants - Madrid-Atocha 16:25 - 18:55 or later 10€

*free if you're a French resident and visit a SNCF ticket counter. Ask for a billet parcours d'approche.

For the return journey you could buy the cross-border AVE at a Spanish train station (10€).

Okay I'm gonna check all that ! Thank you so much, I was kinda desperate