• 21 March 2024
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Hi, I’m Alejandra Quintero. I bought two global passes of Interrail. Next week I start my trip.

I don’t have the option to reservate the sit in the application of interrail. Do you have the same problem?? How do you reserve a place in the app?? 


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If you are referring to the rail planner app: You can’t book seat reservations there.

You may book with Interrail on their website (not really recommended because there’s a fee of (additional) 2 € per person per train). There are many places to book seat reservations but wich one is the best depends on country / train.

If you are interested in booking a specific train: just ask.

BTW: Not every train does require a mandatory reservation. Sometimes it’s enough to add the train in your rail planner app and take any available seat when boarding.

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You can't book seats in the app. It can only forward to some of the websites where you can book.

Here's an overview with ways to book reservations:

If that doesn't work for you, then please mention route, date and departure time of any train you'd like to book.