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  • 5 April 2022
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I have a question why I have to activate this switch?




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This is to add a journey to My Pass. It's the same as adding a train to the travel diary of a paper pass. You have to do it before boarding a train.

It is not a "reservation switch”, since you can't make a reservation this way.

Thank you very much, then it is only to add that option to my itinerary, in case of changing it it does not affect, that is to say that I decide to change the schedule?


You are absolutely right, in any case you cannot make reservations through this application
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Hi Silvia, he you decide to change the schedule, you can delete the journey that you wish to reschedule (maintain a pressure on the specific journey, the delete option will show) and you can simply add another journey to "My trip” that is matching your new schedule. I hope this helps. Best, Marion