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  • 3 November 2021
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Hello everyone, 

My departure day arrive soon and I didn't receive yet my outbound paper ticket. The plan is to leave Montpellier the 5th of November for Barcelona then Valencia. 

On the tracking platform I see that there is a problem with the delivery but I don't have details. I send an email to interrail but no response yet. 

Do you know if I can go to the Montpellier train station and ask for my ticket and what would happen if I can't? 




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Hi Romain, I see one of our Customer Support agents, Ferran, already came back to you yesterday on Twitter. The reservation ticket is send back to us and as a new one will not arrive in time you were recommended to buy a new ticket. Good to see you have been able to get one. Please provide us with the invoice/ticket via this form. Enjoy your journey! Cheers, 


For information I solved the problem, I went to the train station of my city and I asked for an other ticket. I had to pay 15€. 

Normally Interrail will refund me the 29€ I paid for the first ticket (ticket + shipping).


Hello thanks for your help !

In fact it's for Montpellier to Barcelona because from  Barcelona to Valencia I'll have to reserve at the station in Barcelona.

Yes I did it but I don't have an answer yet unfortunately. 

I ordered my reservation in the interrail platform. 

Yes I imagine but it's NLpost and I don't have any contacts.

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It sounds like you're waiting for the reservation(s) for the journey from Montpellier to Valencia.

Where did you order these reservations? If you did that via, have you already filed a request to ask what to do (do mention your travel date)?

In principle, the sender is responsible until the delivery, so they have to provide a solution.