Reservation time does not match the train times on the website


I booked a reservation from London to Paris via Lille. According to my reservation the train leaves at 11.04 but when i look for the train on the website I cannot find it to add to my trip. I now understand that the app is offline so times may not match but I thought the website would be correct - also does it matter if the time in my trips is different from the reservation.

Sorry if this is a bit basic but I am a newby.


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Hi, no problem, we are here to answer all questions and to help all each other. 


So the is not up-to-date but also the website is not 100% up-to-date. My personal tip is to check the website of the train company. In this case it is Eurostar. 


If a train is missing, you can add it manually to the app. Please be avare that due to a bug in the iPhone version of the app, I do not recommend to do it with iPhone. 

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Please also check that for Eurostar there is a check in. You have to be at the station 40-60 Minutes before departure of the train. Due to corona rules check, it is better to be more than 60 Minutes before departure in London St. Pancras International. Please check more Information about this on

Thank you Angelo - I will try to change the train time in the app - thankfully mine is Android 😀 

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It may help to update your app. There was an update recently; the app version should be 23.3.0. Check under More and scroll to the bottom.