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  • 29 June 2021
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Hi All!

I just attempted to make the reservation for the Eurocity between Venice and Innsburck. First I tried the OeBB website, everything went pretty smooth, I was going to be charged €10 but it did not include a seat reservation, I would have to pay €3 extra for that, but I thought the initial €10 included the seat reservation. Also the website allows you an "upgrade” to first class for €5, but is this possible if you hold a 2nd class pass? I suppose not.

Since I was unsure about paying the fees on the OeBB website, I tried directly with the Interrail reservation system. So I entered the connection info, and it said that for that route the price was €0 and I only had to pay €4 for the booking fee so now I am really confused. :sweat_smile: 

I'd appreciate any answers and tips you can provide, thanks!


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Hi Juan, just to jump in here, we currently have an issue displaying the right information in our reservation system of this train. There is indeed a surcharge in this case as the Italian Part of the Journey is operated by a private company that is not part of Interrail. Because of that you will be charged 10€ for 2nd Class or 15€ in 1st class when traveling on the Italian Part of the connection. 

The other topic on this subject can be found here:


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Hi Juan,

I’m hoping somebody else will chip in here as I think a similar topic to this was being discussed a few days ago.

Very occasionally, some costs are levied on trains which are surcharges, rather than reservation fees. Both the Railjet between Vienna and Venice, and the Eurocity between Munich and Verona/Bologna/Rimini/Venice are subject to these extra costs, which can’t be reservation-associated because neither train is listed as reservation-obligatory on the almost-infallible timetable. Nevertheless, they are described as such - incorrectly - on the Interrail website. So the unpalatable truth is that whoever it is that runs the train south of the Brenner Pass does not consider an Interrail pass to be worth 100% of a ticket. And yes, I expect the 1st class upgrade would indeed be invalid if you presented it in combination with a 2nd class pass.

But as ever, there’s a workaround. You can travel on reservation-free regional trains from Venice to Verona, Verona to Brenner, and Brenner to Innsbruck in 6h03, which only takes an hour longer. :-)