Reservation Warsaw- Krakow Ostrava- Budapest

  • 29 June 2021
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Hi everyone, 

I try to plan my trip and some reservations, but sometimes some trains doesn’t give the price and there are !, and I don’t find solution.

Someone can help me?

Thanks for your time


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Your Intercity is a nighttrain from Warsaw via Krakow Ostrava Breclav Bratislava to Budapest

You have usually the choice between Seats, Couchette or even Sleeper berths :)

Due a storm last week the tracks are actual closed atleast till 21th July and because of that the Nighttrain is actual blocked for bookings as nobody knows if the train can run or not.

There is a bus replacement inbetween but as it wouldn´t be a very comfortable night the Nighttrain will operate without Couchette and Sleepers atleast till 21th July.

The bestway is to wait or book the reservation at a ticket office (DB,NS,SNCB,PKP,CD) next to you or with a reservation service like POLRAIL (they will charge a service fee aswell like Interrail)