Reservation won't be posted in time??? Krakow to Prague

  • 2 February 2023
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Hi there, 


We are travelling on three month global passes and keep coming up against the same issue of trying to book reservations on a train that are available to purchase (in this case Krakow to Prague) but we are unable to as it says they need to be posted out and we will not receive in time. We already booked reservations a few weeks ago when going Gothenburg to Stockholm and the reservations were emailed to us. Is there any way around the posting situation? This is becoming very frustrating as it is hindering our plans and journey. 


Thank you!!! 


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6 replies

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Could you please specify date and departure time for Krakow to Prague? There may be other ways to book it.


no problem. Simply buy it here:

For this route, I'd also say that it is no problem to book it at the station itself (but you never know for sure...).

Thanks for that link...does that mean if we purchase a reservation only we can still use our Rail Pass as the ticket and show the reservation from the site to guarantee our seat?  

So it is. It is not allowed between all countries to do it that way, but here it is.

Thank you Hektor that has been a huge help! 

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In 99% of such cases noone will be interested in that printed or fones RES-as long as you sit on the correct seats. Conductors will only check the ticket as such, hwich is the QR code on your fone.

And yes-all those fears about ´full´ trains weeks ahead in slack times etc are also nonsense- RES IN PL cost only 1 PLN=22 cents (but more for going out of PL)