• 27 August 2021
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I don’t really understand how to make a seat reservation for a train. I can’t click on something and add it to the cart. I already clicked on including passengers and then I get the train times, but how to get one of them in my cart?

thankyou in advance !




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Hello Eilish,


When using our self-service tool, you can click on the small blue arrow to the left of the departure and arrival time details (so to the left of the rectangle); this will show a drop-down containing the train details. If there are available seats, you can click on the class you want to travel with and the button “add to cart” will appear. 


Hi Felipe,


Thankyou for the replay. I did that, but I can’t choose a class or anything. I can only see the details. I looked at different trains and it’s the samen everywhere. I also looked at trains that don’t need reservation, but there is also not that option.. is that normal?


kind regards 

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Hello Eilish. This is strange indeed - are you sure you are logged in and looking at trains that are not fully booked, or too far in the future? The best way to test this is to look for connections in 2 months - time enough so that the trains are still not fully booked but not too far into the future (mostly, reservations open 3 months before departure date). If you are logged in correctly and all trains present this issue, please send us the details (including screen shots) via this form.

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@Eilish  wich Routes on which day are you trying to reserve?

I’m trying the 14th from marseille to nice. But I have like the same problem with the trains from nice to Levanto en from Levanto to Firenze..