Reservations costs Brussels- Croatia

  • 7 December 2021
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How much would the reservations cost if I went from brussels to Croatia, which is I think a sleeping train from München to Zagreb. 


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3 replies

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How to get Reservations :) | Community ( Seewulf has an “tutorial” how to get reservations for Nightjet and in your case an Euronight (Nightjet partner). There you can also look how much it would cost. 

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depends on what type of accomodation you want for the night trip. Just a seat is only a few eur, sleeper/couchette cost more-roughly a little more as 1 night in a hostel/hotel-bed.

Note that it seems impossible for THIS train (its Croatian railways stock) to book only the seat/bed online, you have to contact a station, best in germany itself.

Untill München you can use also the fast ICE trains without REServation, but if you fear its busy, it only cost 4 eur and can be done online on again see seewulf and his porting

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@mcadv  if you follow the steps of the manual mentioned above you can reserve this Nighttrain via :) online