Reservations for First Class Global for Countries: France, Spain, Portugal from Austria


i want to travel from austria to France, Spain and Portugal this year. I am thinking about to buy the first class ticket. 

Do I have to make a separate seat reservation for 1st class? 
When yes, is the price for seat reservations for 1st and 2nd class same?

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France and Spain are the worst two Countries for rail pass travel - compulsory reservation for most trains you will take, and the reservations are pretty pricey.

Reckon on €10-20 for domestic TGVs in France, €10 for Intercity, €35 for the TGV to Spain. Generally, first class reservations for these journeys are the same price as second. Usually bookable online.

In Spain, it’s more expensive - €10-25 for anything other than a local train. Even most regional and local trains need reservations for a few euros, and they are difficult to buy.

Portugal is compulsory for the fastest AP and Intercity trains, but only costs €5.

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Here are the exact prices from Seat61.