Reservations for TGVs France-Spain and French night trains

  • 25 November 2022
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For journeys from 11 December, Dutch and Belgian railways can book the TGVs between Paris and Barcelona again. That includes Interrail/Eurail reservations, which can be booked by phone or at one of their international ticket offices.

Deutsche Bahn can no longer book pass reservations for these trains for journeys from from 11 December.

I have updated the post about booking these trains

Since last week, Belgian railways can also book reservations for French domestic night trains again. Again, pass reservations can be booked by phone or at one of their international ticket offices.

All reservations booked via Dutch or Belgian railways can be sent via email.

2 replies

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finally good news.

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But DO note that the nr of direct trains FRance-ESpana will be much limited, as RENFE withdraws its own AVE to Marseille and Lyon, apparently without any replacement-leaving only the direct paris-Bcn trains left. Coöperation RENFE-SNCF will finish. Remains to be seen what RENFE can still offer in RES when one is in ESpana and wants to get out via those TGV-trains.

Also in both BE and NL the nr of counters able to do INTERNat. tickets is very, very limited to only a few in the largest cities. The one in AMS was always famous for hourlong waits for such things in main summer-busy season time.

On the side: SNCF also has 2 ticket machines in the station of LUXembourg. But since this yr all these do not print out tickets anymore-you have to provide full details, incl fone nr and @ mail and the tickets will arrive in that mail.

 (perhaps the railways are getting it now due to the threats by EU and its green-ECO politics to make train travel more accessible in its maze of ticket options-after all BRUssel is its seat)