Reservations in Portugal; will I be charged extra and can I only book them locally at the train station?

  • 20 February 2022
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I have an Interrail pass to travel in Portugal, with the intention of travelling in May. As I like to plan early, I was looking at potential train routes to travel around the country. I looked on the Rail Planner app to see how I’d book the routes I want, but it stated that a reservation was required. I then checked on the Interrail website and saw that for Portugal, reservations have to be booked locally at the train station. The questions I have are:

  • Would I be charged extra for the reservation (it’s a first class pass so I hope not)?
  • Is this definitely the only way of doing reservations (given that we’re still in Covid times, it’s odd that online reservations isn’t an immediate option)?

Many thanks


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Reservations in Portugal are 5 EUR, see this list, which also states they can only be done locally.

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There is a HIGHer surcharge for the (very, very few) Alfa-Pendoline trains, these are easy to avoid.

IC-trains run on the major lines as fast trains and for these its 5€/trip/seat. easy to do when there. All newbees seem to fear that trains are booked solid weeks advance-in practice they are so mistaken that that train is not even open for REServation.

Sometimes you can even avoid that fee by using slower local/regionais trains and on minor sidelines these will be the only trains that run. The planner for the, will tell it all.
note that the current railnetwork is rather limited, but it can bring you to most towns where tipical tourists want to go. It mostly runs north-south close by the coast with a few inland branches.

Around Lisboa the local trains/stops are only accessible with a local chipcard (50 cts-via viagem), and access with a pass is very often very complicated-easy when the counter is staffed, sometimes impossible if not. But these are just short local trips-using a passday for these trips is throwing money out of the window.

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There is a HIGHer surcharge for the (very, very few) Alfa-Pendoline trains, these are easy to avoid.

What is your source for that?

Here I also see the same reservation fees for IC and Alfa Pendular: