Reservations made, pass activated, impossible to find it again. I changed phone

  • 24 November 2022
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I made a trip and reservation after I had activated my pass, on the app Rail Planner.

I change phone since and now I started my travel but I can't find again on the app all my trip and reservations. I'm really worried...

If I try to put the pass again in the app, it tells me that the pass was already used. I can't find how to connect to my account and my first train trip is the 26/11, so very soon.

Someone can help me please ?


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12 replies

I can add that I booked trains from Prague to Krakow, and Krakow to Warsow on the website companies from Poland and Tchéquie, with the pass code and I have the reservations by mail…

But the 2 trips from Ljubljana to Wien, then Wien to Praga that doesn't need extra pay were made at the same time. I didn't receive anything for that so I thought the app Rail Planner was enough.

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So you changed phones, and your (activated) pass is not on it anymore?

If so best contact customer support asap:

For your two latter travels you don’t need reservations indeed, but you need a valid pass of course.

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As @BrendanDB says you need to immediately contact Customer Support through the link above so that they can disconnect you pass from the old phone. Once the pass is disconnected you can connect it to your new phone. 

It is important that you write your pass number and the start date of your travel when you contact Customer Support. 

Your reservations are separated from your pass so all reservations you made through Eurail/Interrail should be available in your Eurail/Interrail account. Can you see them there?

Yes I received the confirmation, actived the pass, made all reservations on rail planner, changed phone after that and now can't see anything in the app on the new phone. Tomorrow is my first travel. I sended yesterday an email to customers adress but no answer.

This morning I went to the rail station of Ljubljana to take ticket to Wien, they don't ask me for any information about the pass, I guess they will control it in the train…

I send the an other reclamation with the link of Brendan, thanks for your help guys.

You are right I see the problem, the phone device ID has changed and has to be change by the customer service to get the mobile pass on my new phone, I send screenshots as it is demanded here :

No news from the service since yesterday for just this technical problem !!! I feel I will pay the tickets entirely and the pass also for nothing, it's unacceptable.

Where is the customers service ????

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YWhere is the customers service ????

  1. Did you mention your pass number?
  2. Did you mention your start date?

Customer service need both if you want a quick reply.

If yes for both questions, then you could ask them via twitter; mention your first email is from yesterday and that you're waiting for someone to contact you.

If you gave all required information, then they should normally contact you within a few hours.

Yes I gave them this information, yesterday, today again. I don't have Twitter but I will try to do it now, thank you

Twitter help message sended, hope it will be fixed

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@Camilo.@Annie.@Claudi. Urgent help needed

No answers even on twitter... For today it's over, have to pay the full ticket. Can't believe it only because I've changed my phone, I can't use my pass. Hope it will be ok for the next train on 29/11 morning from Wien to Praga.

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Have you entered a request here?

Did you write your pass number and that you are currently travelling? 

Normally you should get help within some hours.

Have you checked the spam folder of you mail?

@Boris Gourdhino Hello! Please let me explain that this happens because your Pass is bound to the device you have activated it on. My teammates have already assisted you with your request! :)
I wish you a lovely trip and please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you.