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 I purchased the Mobile Eurail Global Pass. I will travel from Hallstatt to Varenna departure at 8:20 arrive 20:24  on June 14. according to Eurail planner i need a seat reservation for the Innsbruck and the Verona departures of the trip. according to DB and the Thomas Cook rail schedule - no reservations are needed. i have traveled Eurail for over 25 years it seems more and more trains require reservations. I have always purchased the paper Eurail pass and relied on the Thomas Cook rail book and the DB site. Can anyone answer this reservation question which site is correct? thanks  David


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None of this is completely correct. You’ll need a supplement for the Innsbruck departure and a reservation for the Verona departure.  

At least if you’d like to use the EC trains.

Thanks. Sorry the departure time is actually 8:28 out of Hallstatt. Never paid a supplement when I have used the Rail pass in the past.  Please explain. The trains in question are the EC 85 out of Innsbruck 13:24 and the EC 44 out of Verona 16:58. But again DB and Thomas Cook list no reservation needed. I’m puzzled. I have traveled this same route many times in the past without a seat reservation, but I have never used this Rail Planner app, so i do not know what their street cred is. Again thanks

Yes, I thought you'd like to take these two trains. It also has nothing to do with the app; it does just tell you. It would be the same with a paper pass. 

You need an "Aufpreis Brennerverkehr Passzuschlag 1" for  the Innsbruck departure. It will cost you 10 € 2nd class or 15 € 1st class. 

DB and TC are both right: You don't need a reservation. But you need this supplement. 

Long distance trains in Italy (all Frecce and EC) need a reservation for passholders that will cost you 10 € per train.

You can go by regional trains without any additional costs. 

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Yes, as progress comes=much more wide used and cheap IT and as more+more of those new fancy hi-speed lines are opening and more and more railways are going airline style on providing all pax with a seat-REServ these supplmts are now getting more and more wide. It is by now IMPossible to use overnite trains without them (except the few seats-only ICE remaining in Germany).

OTOH the ease in getting these REServ-when needed-is also dramatically higher as it used to be before.

A few years ago the whole pass-system was on the brink of collapse as indeed those railways with loads of hi-speed that they need to make money on started/were allowed to charge rather high SURcharges to use these trains- the result is now that about each&every newbee here seems to exactly want to ride those sectors and all come with exactly the very same problems etc.