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I have been trying for several days to book a Poznan Berlin train on August 20th. But it is still impossible to book.
I have tried other trains in Poland and it appears that no train can be booked.
The Polish reservation server crashed?
Thank you for your answers


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Badge +4 -again-you did not read the full info-like most asking here, hence ´again

2.domestic In PL on PKP can only be done from 30 days before-best at counter there for free

Info shows a kind of fairly cumbersome way to do it online-but if you are in PL anyway a few days-just do it there

3.the B-PL expresses can ONLY be reserved by special means at major counters for INtern. traffic-both In DE or in PL-and the countries that also use that system (probably not so much your own national society-they like to do all things the french way-but you can always ask and see how inventive they may be).

Both main site of INterRail has a full page of info per country-cost etc (and of course promotes to use its app-which often leads to misery) and the page by seewulf that shows the alternative ways per country/railway

Thank you for your response
Of course, I searched and found a lot of information on the Interail website.
This route is available 60d in advance. 
I’m in France and we’re traveling as a group and we need 7 reservations.
Booking is not possible on Dbahn.
Booking is possible on PKP but I don’t know how to get reservations for 7 people.
The reservation of this same train for the week of 15/08 was possible last week but this week, it no longer works.
Yesterday, Interail indicated that the reservation was no longer possible.
Now that has changed, he says: “Prices temporarily unavailable Check back in a few hours to see prices and book this seat reservation”
Thank you
Two hours after the Interail site indicates Prices unavailable No fares were found for this route. Seats for Pass holders may be sold out. Look for another link or check out “More information” to discover other booking options. If seats for Pass holders are sold out, you will need to purchase a full fare ticket to complete this trip.



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Please book this train at a ticket office. Ignore what the Interrail booking module says, it currently has often problems to connect with the Polish reservation system.

It should be possible to book this train in many countries.