Reserved a trip that does not exist anymore

  • 22 March 2024
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Hello !

Tomorrow (23/03) I planned to travel from Copenhagen to Paris. My trip planned was :
7h26 Copenhagen -> Schleswig (seat reserved)
10h39 Schleswig -> Hamburg (without seat)
12h24 Hamburg -> Mannheim (without seat) (train ICE 77)
17h38 Mannheim -> Paris (seat reserved)

The problem is that, when I look at Deutsche Bahn site the train from Hamburg to Mannheim does not departure at 12h24 but 10h27 (so 2h before I arrive there...).

I see that now when we want to reserve a Copenhagen -> Paris in Interrail website for tomorrow they suggest a trip that goes through Koln and not Mannheim, but I don't have a ticket for Hamburg -> Koln and Koln -> Paris. Do you know what I can do? Should I reserve the other trip and hope they will refund me the first trip?


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9 replies

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There are works in Hamburg and on the Hamburg - Frankfurt railway so trains run at different times than usual.

Rail Planner is updated infrequently so you shouldn't use it for planning. Use the DB Navigator app instead.

You can probably exchange your reservation for a later Mannheim - Paris TGV/ICE. This is what I'd do.

You should also be able to get a refund. Where did you book it?

I'll have a look at timetables and post a better itinerary below.

- EC Copenhagen - Pinneberg 07:26 - 11:41

- S-Bahn Pinneberg - Hamburg Hbf 11:50 - 12:25 or 12:00 - 12:35

- ICE Hamburg Hbf - Karlsruhe Hbf 12:27 - 19:09 or 12:45 - 18:58

- TGV Karlsruhe Hbf - Paris-Est 19:32 - 22:15

It's a bit tight for my liking honestly, especially with the frequent German delays.

I'll have a look if it's possible to go through Cologne - Brussels : faster but more expensive.

@thibcabe Thanks for your answer, it is really helpful! I booked everything on I am afraid not to be on time in Mannheim for the next train… 

I think I will keep my original trip until Hamburg and book a Hamburg → Koln → Paris then… Do you know if I will be able to be refund for the first trip?

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You have a 2nd class pass, right?

Yes you'll be able to get a refund for the TGV but all Cologne - Paris trains are sold out.

The passholder quota on all Brussels - Paris Eurostar trains is sold out too : you could buy a regular ticket for 109€ but that's expensive...

The last Karlsruhe - Paris TGV has a single 1st class seat left, 2nd class full.

It's a really popular weekend I'm afraid. Let me look again.

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You're entitled to a full refund because you can't make the connection anymore if you leave at the original departure time.

The regular refund conditions say:

So check your reservation (the PDF) and if it's in English and issued by SNCB (CIV 1088), then you should get a full refund if you cancel yourself from the Reservations overview in your Eurail account.

However, if the reservation is in French and issued by SNCF (CIV 1087, possibly also CIV 1187), then request a full refund from customer service:

By the way, those reservations (also for Eurostar via Cologne) are cheaper via (desktop website only).

Yes I have a 2nd class pass.

The Cologne-Paris is bookable on Interrail but sold out?? It is insane...

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What do you mean? The Rail Planner app doesn't show availability, it only lists prices.

If you're logged in on you'll see that there's nothing left. Same thing for Brussels - Paris.

[Still looking...]

@thibcabe Thanks for your help… I was maybe not logged in

I think I will just take the train at 1am or 3am to be on time in Mannheim for the original train. Thanks for your help!

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I believe this is the best option too. Good luck and don't hesitate to ask anything tomorrow!