Reserved never existed so extra money spent on tickets and accomodation.

  • 17 July 2022
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So right now at the moment my girlfriend is coming home after a dreadful travel using interrail. The reservated seats never existed on multiple occasions which meant they had to book extra tickets that were not from the pass and had to pay extra money even though the pass should cover their train tickets. On multiple occasions they had to book residencies for the night because the booked train was full and they had nowhere to sit even though seats were reservated. Come to the final day of their pass they want to go home and booked a direct train from Prague to Amsterdam, however after preparing to leave and having booked their tickets a few weeks ago, they show up at the train station where the train that had their reserved seats never went and didnt even exist. So now they have to book new tickets and book a place to stay the night even though they followed Interrails instructions. How do i contact interrail about this cause they hide behind their chat  bot that has worthless answers



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It was never possible to book this planned train from Prague to Amsterdam you mentioned. This was a planned private train which did never run. But if it did, Interrail wouldn’t have been valid. So it’s not possible that she had a resevation for this specific train at all because this has never been possible to do.

Beause of this, I assume she has just loaded trains in their app and thought by doing that she would have reservations. May this be possible? Booking trains means you have to pay for your reservations (for some trains, a passholder reservation is really expensive) and you’ll get a specific carriage and seat number. If your reservations wouldn’t exist, you’ll get at least get your money back. 

Personally, I had it never that the reserved seats didn’t exist (apart from missing carriages on the train). You didn’t mention how she booked them and how much she paid for their reservations, but I really can’t think this may have happened on multiple occasions. 

So maybe you should ask her if she really got paid reservations and how she got them. As said before, for the train from Prague to Amsterdam it’s impossible she had one...