Reserving a trip for my niece (I'm in Spain, she's in the US still)

  • 18 June 2022
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Hi! I wonder if anyone can help me…

My niece is in the US, and has a Eurail pass. She has been able to plan her trip, however, for Spain, it isn’t allowing her to reserve anything online: it has to be in person, in Spain.

She is worried about waiting until she is here herself to do so in case there are no seats left for the day she wishes to travel (Madrid to Malaga).

So, my question is, since I am in Spain, and I CAN go to a Renfe station… is it possible for me to make the reservation for her? Or for it to be “linked” to her eurail pass does she have to be the one to do it?




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fyi,  yes! I was able to reserve it for her. She just has to put the info now in her app. 

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Ola, buenos!

Can you tell us which Estacion de RENFE? there were recently also reports that they would only do it IF passenger showed pass-running and with day of travel activated-so that would exclude this doing you for family?

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Hola!  Not sure I know what you mean with "iF passenger showed pass-running and with day of travel activated"?

What is pass-running?


I did have to provide her passport number, and then the renfe woman simply told me that this was a reservation, made just how my niece would have done, and that she would still have to enter the numbers in her app to activate it/use it. 


Maybe I was lucky and another renfe worker wouldnt have helped?