Reserving in stations; Paris - Amsterdam

  • 28 June 2022
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Will there be reservation spaces available at train station if none offered online? As in currently there are no spaces for train from paris to Amsterdam, but does this mean even at train station in Paris on day there will be no reservation spaces? 


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The only availability on 8 July for passholder on direct Paris - Amsterdam Thalys trains is a 1st class seat at 06.13 am departure. Unless you have 1st class pass and wish to use this train there are no seats on that day. You won’t get a passholder reservation at the station for these either as they have quotas for passholders which are sold out.


Your options are to pay the regular fare offered (mostly €142) for any train that has availability or follow the advice given in your first thread for using alternative trains for this journey, advice which by the way you have not acknowledged or thanked those contributors for.

Thank you for clearing that up!

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OR-save an awful lot of money by this simple other way-that all oldhands knew:

Take any TGV (ev hour) to LIlle-maybe as this is not populair-even for 10€ ON weekends there are even 2 local=slower trains too without changes.

Walk to other station, take hourly train to Antwerpen-via Gent-when in A admire the ´railway cathedral style´-then go to lowest level-use hourly Yellow+blue train to Ams-via Breda-the last 2 are locals/UNreserved. BTW-AMS does NOT want any more tourists and the council is now actively discouraging all these people that overcrowd its narrow alleys.

The direct Thalys P-A currently have serious probs with maintenance and spare parts-many trains have been cancelled and people were told to find other ways.

The idea that the ´station´ hold some seats is daft and incorrect. In fact the Thalys trains are commercial and hardly anyone bys tix for it on stations-it may even involve a hefty surcharge as it then acts only as agent/middleman

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More pass holder seats are often available in the Thalys Paris - Brussels. For Brussels - Amsterdam you can use the hourly intercity.